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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering global harmony. Our primary mission is to promote peace, reminding people of its paramount importance, urging them not to take it for granted, and helping people in need.

The World Human Peace Foundation is a worldwide Canadian non-profit organization, that stands as a beacon of hope and commitment to the realization of world peace.  The foundation envisions a world free from the shackles of war and strife, where the universal values of compassion, understanding, and cooperation guide humanity toward a shared destiny of tranquility.  The World Human Peace Foundation actively engages in initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the devastating impact of conflicts and wars. Through education and advocacy, the foundation seeks to inspire individuals and communities worldwide to stand united against the forces that perpetuate violence.


In the spirit of global citizenship, the World Human Peace Foundation invites individuals and organizations to join hands in creating a world where the seeds of peace are nurtured, and the fruits of cooperation are shared by all laying the foundation for a future where the concept of world peace is not just an ideal but a living reality for generations to come.          


Frank  & Veronika Armani, 2024


Amnesty International 


The vision of a world order based on peace and harmony among all countries is indeed an ideal that many aspire to achieve. Such a world would prioritize diplomacy, cooperation, and mutual respect among nations, leading to a more stable and prosperous global community.

Achieving this vision requires a collective commitment from all countries to resolve conflicts peacefully,  respect human rights, and address the root causes of instability and injustice.

World Human Peace



The World Human Peace Foundation

It's a noble sentiment to seek peace and harmony in the world, and organizations like The World Human Peace Foundation play a crucial role in advocating for such ideals. The work of individuals like Mr. Frank Armani and Madame Veronika Bock in promoting peace and reconciliation is invaluable. Through their efforts and the support of  The World Human Peace Foundation, we can strive towards a future where conflicts are resolved peacefully, and people live in harmony.

Nations Unis

United Nation



The United Nations (UN) was founded in 1945 with the primary objective of maintaining international peace and security, promoting cooperation among nations, and addressing global challenges. Its functions can be broadly categorized into several key areas:

Peace and Security: Human Rights: 

Humanitarian Assistance:  Development: 

Environmental Protection: 

International Law and Justice: 

Promotion of International Cooperation. 

 Power of Love

“It is not an act or a gesture of reason that motivates or inspires us to promote peace, it is a force of the soul that animates and guides us.!”  “Ce n'est pas un acte ou un geste de raison qui nous motive où nous inspire à promouvoir la paix, c'est une force de l'âme qui nous anime et nous guide.!”  

Islamist terrorist attacks
Love over Fear
World Human Peace

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